Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Nude For 50th Birthday

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth paltrow decided to celebrate her 50th birthday on Earth with a new photoshoot. Check it out!

Gwyneth Paltrow has stripped down for a nude photoshoot to celebrate her 50th birthday.

The Oscar-winning actress marked the milestone by releasing photos from her “Goldfinger”-inspired shoot via her Goop website.

In the snaps, captured by photographer Andrew Yee, Gwyneth poses naked with half of her body painted gold.

Reflecting on the “Goldfinger-meets-2022” shoot, she said, “All I know is that they’re painting me gold and that I have to be naked… I feel so good turning 50, and this is about expressing that sense of energy and optimism that I’m experiencing. It’s more about the female gaze and just a sense of fun.”

Gwyneth and her glam team then gave a rundown of all the products they used to achieve the golden look.

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When asked if this is her last nude photo shoot, the “Avengers” star vaguely replied, “I think aging is actually a beautiful thing. We just need to open our perceptions. As you become more yourself, in integrity, your life really opens up.”

The actress shared a nude snap on her Instagram account and received praise in the comments from the likes of Naomi Watts and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Goop reps posted more images on the brand’s account with the caption, “There are birthday suits and then there are birthday suits. Happy 50th birthday, GP.”

In an interview with in celebration of the milestone, Gwyneth admitted she freaked out about turning 40 much more than 50.

“I feel great. I feel very happy and fulfilled and not scared and weirdly not freaked out about it,” she smiled.