Quentin Tarantino Settle Beef Over “Pulp Fiction” NFT

Samuel L. Jackson and Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has settled a legal beef with Miramax films over his plans to create a NFT to celebrate the hit movie “Pulp Fiction!”

Quentin Tarantino and Miramax have reached a settlement in their legal battle over his plan to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to “Pulp Fiction.”

Studio executives sued the “Pulp Fiction” director in November 2021 over his desire to sell unique digital tokens based on his 1994 film.

The suit claimed that Miramax owned most of the rights to “Pulp Fiction” and thus, Tarantino could not sell elements of the film.

Tarantino’s legal team disputed the claim, insisting the NFTs were images based on his screenplay and not shots from the actual film and were therefore not Miramax’s intellectual property.

Tarantino and his lawyer Bryan Freedman requested the court dismiss the lawsuit in June, and now both parties have reached a settlement.

“The parties have agreed to put this matter behind them and look forward to collaborating with each other on future projects, including possible NFTs,” Miramax and Tarantino said in a joint statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The details of their settlement have not been made public.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind digital certificates proving that someone owns the original version of an online commodity, like digital art.