Sharon Stone Needed “Over 300” Shots Of Botox After Stroke

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone explained the grueling procedure of recovery after she suffered a stroke in 2001. Read more!

Sharon Stone has revealed the cosmetic procedures she needed to help restore her face after the stroke she suffered in 2001.

The “Casino” star spoke to Vogue Arabia for an interview published on Tuesday about her experience with cosmetic procedures, including Botox and fillers.

“There were periods in the super fame when I got Botox and filler and stuff,” she began. “And then I had this massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage, and I had to have over 300 shots of Botox and filler to make the one side of my face come up again.”

The actress suffered a near-fatal stroke in 2001 at the age of 43.

Sharon, 64, continued that before her stroke, cosmetic surgery seemed like a “cute luxury,” whereas afterward, it was “some kind of massive, painful neurological need,” so she stopped using it for aesthetic purposes.

She also revealed that a younger man she was once dating dumped her for her refusal to get any more Botox.