REVIEW & STREAM: Torae’s Entitled Proves New York Rap Is Very Alive

Torae Brings The Pain

torae-entitled1(AllHipHop Reviews) There has been considerable debate about the New York Hip-Hop scene and the arguable degrees of relevance. Folks like J. Cole and Kendrick are present the game with lyrics. The South continues to be dominant with style, swag and party songs. Then, other regions like Canada offer mighty forces like Drake. The gods of New York such Diddy, Jay and 50 Cent don’t have the same foothold on in the culture as they once had, even though their business is on point.

Enter Torae’s Entitled.

Tor’s bringing that which people claim to want. Lyrics. Check. Beats. Check. Chutzpah. Check. The New York native speaks on it on “Get Down.” “Been a minute, the city back on its sh*t again / Let me find out they checking for who can spit again / While y’all was out there leaning and getting crunk / Being bout it and turning up / I ain’t never stop with the pen and dig.” And thus, the tone is set.

Torae holds nothing back and unloads a full clip.

He brings Saul Williams on “Imperial Sound,” Phonte on “Clap Sh*t Up,” Mack Wilds on “Troubled Times” and even lyrical super heroes like Pharoahe Monch on “What’s Love?.” The pleasant surprise is “Crown,” the duet with 3D Na’Tee. The New Orleans fem fatale and the New York boom bapper exchange socially conscious bars in the guise of battle raps. There are other times where Entitled expands Tor’s range with the lovey-dovey “Override,” where he attempts – with limited results – to resurrect “the ’95 LL.”

Entitled is a truly enjoyable work. It is refreshing to hear lyrics and bars, beats and rhymes and Hip-Hop that has something to say beyond the party-drenched faux-reality drivel we’ve been subjected to. Furthermore, hearing New York – the one-time center of Hip-Hop culture – feeling like NEW YORK again is a pleasure. Hopefully, the people, the companies and the web sites support the art.

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