21 Savage’s Biggest Fan Isn’t Latto—Spoiler Alert: It’s Shakira


Shakira’s “Lips Don’t Lie” as she raps 21 Savage lyrics like a pro.

Move over Latto, Shakira is taking over the leadership duties of 21 Savage’s fan club and has started off her term carrying the torch with a fiery display of lipsyncing loyalism.

I’m playing, s###s really not that deep—Shakira was really was just deep in her TikTok bag feeling herself when it appears she decided to sauce up one of the Slaughter Gang CEO’s tracks in a video. Befittingly enough, Shakira shared a fleeting little thirst trap video, seemingly flexing on her cheating ex-lover Gerard Piqué, rapping the lyrics to 21 Savage’s “Ball W/o You.”

It’s pretty obvious why Shakira is feeling the chorus to the record, given that she caught her man cheating after realizing Piqué let the lil eater devour all of her jelly—which he apparently hated. I can’t lie though, even knowing the condiment context behind Shakira and Piqué’s break up, which ended a 13-year relationship, it was surprising to see the 46-year-old singer belting the banger with the same energy 21 Savage was sangin’ with at the Beyoncé concert.

Now that the 21 Savage and Latto dating rumors have long been put to rest, maybe Shakira can find her way into a lil 4L situationship.

Watch the bizarre clip below—I’ve got $5 that says you won’t be able to finish the video without catching a vibe because Shakira is mid key lit.