Did Nicki Lick Another Shot At Iggy?

Nicki Minaj Goes At Iggy Again

Damn. These two about to start a race war out this b**tch. No pun intended. Nicki’s album is on deck so a beef makes sense. Look at what Nick said to her Aussie counterpart. Nicki has a new song called “Big Daddy” with Meek Mill where she sublimes Iggy to life. Peep the lyrics.

Front like she tuff, but that b#### keep on crying, get this b#### a tissue!

“Your time is ticking, you b###### will be around shorter than vine vids”

“I don’t want to diss you, but what is your issue? Still-On-Top”

On the song she also talks about Australia. This rumor is coming from fans of Nicki so I don’t know for sure, but there seems to be some validity to it. Take a listen: