2Pac’s Last Interaction Was With Groupies? Floyd Mayweather Witnessed His Murder? Nothing’s Confirmed

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather would’ve been 19 around the time of the shooting.

The saga of 2Pac’s unsolved 1996 murder continues to take curveball-like twists and turns—thanks to archived footage and Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather has somehow inserted himself into the news cycle within the 10-day timeline of the search warrant being served at the home of Keefe D, the uncle of the primary suspect in 2Pac’s fatal shooting, Orlando Anderson. Following the July 17 search, which turned up bullets and other items purportedly connected to the crime, claims the Champ witnessed the shooting started to bubble up.

How did Mayweather’s bombshell claim emerge one might ask? Why, no place other than TikTok (and to think the Biden administration is contemplating banning the app in the U.S. TUH)!

“The car pulled up and shot 2Pac,” Mayweather said while walking the streets of Las Vegas in the clip. “Car pulled right here and shot 2Pac at this light,” he added while pointing to the spot he witnessed the shooting. “Car went that way. I was living right here in 1996 when 2Pac got killed. Right here. I ain’t never told nobody.”


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♬ Ambitionz Az A Ridah – 2Pac

It goes without saying that nothing about 2Pac’s nearly 30-year unsolved murder mystery is funny. However, this clip of Mayweather is like watching Ezal from Ice Cube’s Friday film tell a story. Not to infer that the Champ is an overzealous crackhead from South Central, but the story definitely screams “cap.” Furthermore, Mayweather, 46, would’ve been 19 at the time of the shooting—and additionally in the first year of his professional career. The Champ was talking mad s### then—no way he kept that to himself all these years.

Nevertheless, it’s likely we’ll never know whether Mayweather actually witnessed the shooting. However, we now may know what 2Pac was doing moments before his death. Spoiler alert: 2Pac appeared to be living up to the urban legend of his hit record “I Get Around” ahead of his demise. Based on never-before-seen archival footage released by The Walter J. Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection, bro was showing a group of female fans some “California Love” before he and Suge Knight dipped off.

Who knows if the footage truly aligns with the timeline of events leading up to the shooting—but at least we all get a glimpse of 2Pac’s legendary Rizz in action for the first time in more than two decades.