50 Cent Drags Former Associate For Talking About Him

50 Cent

50 Cent is not here for the BS and he drags a former associate for mentioning his name.

50 Cent.

50 Cent is not playing games. Fix is one of the single-most aggressive people on social media and we have to learn to leave him alone. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, music industry professional James Cruz was asked a question and the result was a dragging.

All of this is a situation I really wouldn’t even be talking about it if it wasn’t so viral right now. Any rate, he made some sensational allegations suggesting that Jim Cruz was doing things with a certain mogul. What I find interesting is that these gentlemen never seem to sue each other for defamation or any other legal terms like for example libel. These are words you toss around when people are saying things that just aren’t true.


Any rate, 50 Cent is really one of the most aggressive people on social media and nobody seems to check him at all. This is not the first time that 50 Cent and James Cruz I have clashed. And honestly this is not the first time that Cruz had drug rumors surrounding him. 50 Cent has been there to let us know allegedly,, what is happening along the way. Otherwise we certainly wouldn’t know these things on our own.



At least Cruz is getting a lot of publicity. This is the good/bad PR that I cannot withstand. But, thousands more people know the name now Tha before.

This is not the first time. It goes back 10 years+ and we still do not know what James may have done to upset 50. But, as you can see 10 years ago this year, he said the same thing as the other day.

Here’s the original interview.