50 Cent Picks On Baby Mama Over Child Support Ending


Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

50 Cent may have revealed why the mother of his old son hates him so much, or he may have just taken this opportunity to taunt her even more. 50 recently commented on his oldest son Marquise’s Instagram page wishing him the best out in the world as a grown man. 50’s baby mama Shaniqua wasn’t feeling it, and she accused him of being a miserable woman beater. She even took a shot at 50’s youngest son by suggesting that his motor skills may not be up-to-date.

“Your downfall is already here @50cent. Miserable, unstable, bum a** n*gga. You’re so miserable! Go pick on them boys who put that hot led up in your a**! Oh! I forgot you like to pick on women and children. Them boys in Brooklyn did you dirty! Go beat up your other baby mother, oh you did that already and you’re on 3 years probation. Go make sure son’s motor skills are correct. Can he talk? Get out of here,” said Shaniqua

50 finally responded to his baby mama by saying,

“So that’s the crazy b*tch you said, said I can’t talk. Yes Sire, I told you I don’t want you responding to nonsense. Oh I’ll never say anything to her, ummmm ain’t her child support over. YES (LMAO).”

It looks like the relationship went bad between all parties and the child support checks ending didn’t make it any better.

50 Cent