Is 50 Cent Retiring From Music Soon?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh 50 fans! The end may be near!

It looks like the King Of Petty, 50 Cent may be retiring from music soon.

Fif covered this month’s Muscle & Fitness magazine. Along with discussing the success of ‘Power’ and his work-out regimen, he also talked about the state of his music career.

50 Cent revealed that he wants to finish out his career in music with the release of his album ‘Street King Immortal’.

“I want to finish with that project. I don’t want to write another record after that. You know how some artists got to have confirmation that they’re right. I have that confirmation in f-cking 35, 40 million [albums] that I already sold,” he tells the magazine.

Fif has seen some success in his ‘The Kanan Tape,’ and Chris Brown-assisted gold track, “I’m The Man,” but he’s listening to his inner confirmation that it’s time to move on to other things.

Interestingly enough, the news of 50 Cent’s planned retirement comes after what seems to be some light trolling as he claimed he was quitting ‘Power’ after some serious Golden Globe snubs.

Is it too soon for 50 Cent to consider retiring, or has his “time” been up?

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