A Moment Of Silence: 50 Cent Remembers Fallen Rapper?

50 CENT EULOGIZES MEEK MILL: “RIP Meek Mill (1987-2016)”

Photo Credit: Instagram

While performing on stage at Detroit’s Fox Theater, 50 Cent, stopped his set after a distraught fan hurled an item onto the stage. Following the momentary disruption, the concerned Queens wordsmith picked up the folded black T-shirt. To the Motor City audience, the antagonistic artist would then read aloud its printed message.

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“RIP Meek Mill (1987-2016),” was the faux tribute paid to the embattled Philly rapper. Last week, Meek Mill was sentenced to three months of house arrest for charges of probation violation. It has also been stipulated that the DreamChasers will not be able to work.

everyone to see and the crowd went crazy. Someone with a mic yelled, “Get your cameras out.”

Will the slander ever stop?