50 Cent Is Taunting His Baby Mama Again!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s always crazy to see love turn to such hatred!

It’s no secret that 50 Cent and his first baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins HATE each other, and all of the possible things 50 could be counting down, he’s spending his time counting down the days until he makes his last child support payment.

50 reposted a post-turned meme of a man celebrating “graduating” from his child support payments.

The post read,

“Graduating from child support 20 years to all my other brothers hang in there.”

50 even added,

“LOL 4 months left no more free ride. she might want to get a job now.”

You know Shaniqua is ALWAYS available for a 50 clap back so she had a little bit of advice for Curtis.

“Actually it’s 5 months to go. You still checking for lil ole me? Calculate the hours you missed from your son!”

“Awwww I get it, today marks the anniversary of you getting shot 5 times May 24, 2000. This day brings back the memories of me being by your side… I know it hurts to see I’m no longer in your life. I took you to my Mother’s house to heal, when your family had nowhere for you to go. Get out your feeling, Man/child. it’s okay to move on. #YoungLostOne,” said Shaniqua.”

I swear Iyanla Vanzant needs to fix their lives man!

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