50 Cent Vs. His Baby Mama…..Again!


While it would be nice to see 50 Cent and his first baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins get along one day, it may never happen. Iyanla come fix these folk’s lives!

It seems that Shaniqua has been trying to do her press rounds off of her ex, 50 Cent’s name.

Shaniqua took a shot at 50 Cent for buying his alleged son, Davian, red bottoms but keeping him in public school. Keep in mind, earlier this year, rumor spread that 50 Cent discovered he had another son at a meet and greet.

Although the little boy looks just like him, there have been conflicting reports about whether or not this is actually 50’s child.

Whether 50’s mini me is his biological child or not, 50 has remained in the child’s life.

Tompkins knows 50 has no chill, so we are unsure as to why she would send a shot at him.

50 clapped back saying that his “son” was going to a school connected to Hunter College because he’s advanced. He also poked fun at her asking where is she living now as he recently posted her home’s foreclosure papers. Mannnnnnn.

Oh yeah, Shaniqua claims that she’s not bitter since she left him when he was on the Forbes list. They have to chill.