50 Cent vs Baby Moms / Drake vs Jay Z / Michel’le Vs Dre & More!


50 Cent Smacked His Baby Moms?

This situation with 50 and his ex Shaniqua is steadily getting worse. Just when you think it can get worse, it gets worse-er. This time, she drops a bombshell that stays 50 physically assaulted her and has a police report to back it up. The other post she explains what happened with a property that she supposedly sold. I personally don’t care about any of this, but I supposed people are interested.


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Drake Shades Jay Z.

What is “shading” in the year 2016? That’s a weak way of dissing somebody – sort of like a passive way of dissing somebody. No shade to Drake, but that seems to be the issue. People are making a “thing” out of Drake “liking” this pic of Jay, Diddy and him.

They were out to get him? I guess Diddy was since he put the “beats” on him.

Michel’e Can’t Be Stopped!

If you thought Michel’le’s take down of Dr. Dre in her horrid movie was the end, forget about it. The “Surviving Compton” actress just signed a deal that will increase her viability more than when she was a singer.
Did Suge Knight Jr. Beat Up His Mom? About 2.3 million people watched that movie of abuse and degradation and it got her another show about her life and her family. It may also get her more voice over work and a book. Last but not least, she is about to drop a new album.


Michel’le’s new movie just dropped and it shook up the world for Dr. Dre. But, it also shook up things for Suge Knight too. As you know, Michel’le has kids from both Suge and Dre. What a QUANDARY that is, right? Well, Suge Knight, Jr. allegedly attacked his own mother, but his mom is not the Death Row singer. His mother is Stormey. Stormey hates Michel’le and seems like she stole him from their family. Sure Jr. is 30 years old and pretty sturdy at 200 pounds. He did something to his mom, but we don’t really know why. Did I mention this happened earlier this year? No? I just realized that right now. So this is kind of pointless.

The Final Word…