50 Cent’s Baby Mama & Young Thug’s Transgender Ex Blast 50 Cent!


50 Cent is back at it with his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, and it’s getting pretty ugly!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that 50 let the world know he’s counting down the days until he doesn’t have to pay child support anymore, he has taken to Instagram to continuously taunt both his son and his son’s mother.

50 told Tompkins,

“Life is full of choices,some you cant take back. If you hate me why you don’t change your son’s name to tompkins. If im the problem why were you crying saying its your fault you didnt let him see his grand parents for 4 years? Im not your enemy you are. #startJOBhuntingNOw”

50 Claims his ex Shaniqua hasn’t worked in over a decade, and he is advising her to get her job hunt on ASAP!

Regardless of whether or not 50 has a great relationship with his son’s mother or not, we would like to think he had enough decency to keep it all private and offline.

Shaniqua came to her son’s rescue and had some choice words of her own for the G-Unit boss!

“I realized just like @50Cent can’t spell he can’t add either. He got shot in 2000. I moved him to my mother’s house in PA. He was broke and was stuck in a deal on Sony/track masters his advance was 65k and Jamaster J took 50k of it + attorney fees he s less with 5k which couldn’t possibly carry him to the year 2004 when he got his deal with Shady Aftermath. So I was working and he was my dependent on my taxes like my children! @johncassey11 don’t believe everything you hear. My life I was there! He wasn’t rich for 16 years!”

Young Thug’s rumored transgender ex, Felicity, also went in on 50 saying,

“What kind of father publicly taunts and disrespects his son socially and then count down the days of paying child support ? @50cent is the prime example of these “new age” black men ?? that have no sense of self respect or decency. There is a special place for guys like this and karma has no expiration date for this modern day bottom taker ?? big ups to @199viq for continuing to hold your head up despite dealing with his sperm donor of a father.”

Of course 50 clapped back at Felicity calling her all kinds of names and telling her that this is a warning to his son Marquise’s mother that she needs to seek employment! Oh 50!