50 Cent’s First Son Is Open To Reconciliation!


Everyone knows that 50 Cent and his oldest son, Marquise Jackson don’t have the best relationship. In fact their relationship is basically non-existent other than a few shots traded on social media here and there.

Marquise has embarked on his acting career journey, and he is doing his own little press run. While crashing an interview his mother was doing with the Raq Rants show, Marquise revealed that he’s actually open to reconciliation with his father.

When Raq asked Jackson if he missed having a good relationship with 50, Marquise replied saying,

“Of course. That’s my father at the end of the day. I don’t know 50 Cent; I know Curtis. I’ll talk to him if he gets therapy. If he gets therapy and he figures out a lot of unresolved issues that pertains to himself, I’m more than willing to work it out.”

Marquise says he’s trying to carve out his own lane because his dad’s fame has actually caused him to shy away from a lot of things because he doesn’t want to be in his father or anyone else’s shadow.

Jackson says seeing 50 post pictures of his little brother doesn’t bother him because he would want 50 to learn from their relationship to better himself to be a better father. Marquise says why would he not want his little brother to have a better life than him.

Either Marquise is leaving something out and has great media training, or 50 is really tripping. We hope 50 can put his differences aside and mend the relationship with his first son.