90s Fashion Designer Karl Kani Has Been Accused Of Rape!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Mannnn someone get Karl Kani on the phone!

A young and beautiful model, @LovelyMovely, has accused 90s fashion designer Karl Kani of not only drugging her, but of raping her as well.

@LovelyMovely has posted long paragraphs about the details surrounding the incident on her Instagram account in an attempt to bring awareness to the situation.

She’s also upset with the police for taking his word over hers and for closing her case due to lack of evidence proving that she was unconscious when the sexual encounter happened.

The model said she had a regular meeting with Kani, but somehow she ended up in his bed with cloudy memory. She also said she demanded that he tell her what truly happened, only for him to switch up the story a few times.

“First & foremost, saying this is not easy. But if this is going to bring me justice one day then so be it. The man you see in this picture raped me. I was drugged and raped with no recollection of what happened the night of. Only bits and pieces. I have been in an ongoing case since 4/18/2016. I was told today 3/21/17 by the district attorney (Teresa De Castro) that my case is now CLOSED and not going to trial. Why? B/c there was not enough evidence to prove that I was unconscious at the time. My detective on this case (Detective Fairchild) told me she cannot do anything else to pursue this b/c of what the DA said. HIS DNA WAS FOUND ON MY BODY. This man admitted to the police that we had “consensual sex” which is completely false. And since he’s done this before, he knows how & what to say & do. If he would have told police that we did nothing, my case would still be open b/c of the evidence provided. But since this pig simply said we had mutual sex, my case is closed & thrown w/ the rest of the cases that no one cares to look into b/c there are “bigger” things in the world happening. I was told this is a he said/ she said scenario. I was told by the DA that my case is closed unless this happens to someone else. THE F-CK!?! I’ve had so many people looking up to me & proud of how far I’ve come w/ pursuing my dream. Now I have everyone asking me where have I been. I closed out. I wasn’t me. I stopped modeling. I stopped trusting. I put my life on hold because I didn’t know how to deal with something I’ve never had to deal with before in my life. I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I really didn’t know how to cope in that moment of “Why? How? What happened to me?” I had a professional meeting (fitting) with Karl Kani & his team & I also brought someone with me. The next time he asked to meet at a restaurant & next thing I know, I wake up in this man’s bed naked right next to him with no memory of how I got there, how I got naked, how I got in his bed, or how the f-ck I even got into his home! Half of my toenail was gone with dry blood on me. I had scrapes on my legs. I was paranoid & confused..,” said @LovelyMovely.

The woman also claims that she’s been told by people that know Kani, that he has a history of doing this. Wowzers. What are your thoughts? Did you ever own a piece of Karl Kani? If so what item of clothing was it?