Man Who Defaced Nipsey’s Mural Gets A Lotta Jail Time

Nipsey Hussle

The man that defaced Nipsey Hussle’s mural last year is now in jail, but why?

Around my way, we don’t wish jail time on nobody, but we definitely do not condone certain actions. You may remember that the dude  Indian Red Boy was murdered on IG live in his car. There was speculation that he was killed because he was affiliated with another dude, Baby Capone (Kapone), who was widely known as the guy that defaced a Nipsey Hussle mural. Indian Red Boy was hit up and now Kap is in jail.

Why is he is in jail?

That is up for debate. Some say it is related to the mural and his role in defacing it, but the alleged 12 year sentence seems to be a bit stiff. You never know. If they throw the book at him, it is in the multiverse of possibilities. For some reason, I suspect he is likely in the bing for something else. Dude is a card carrying Blood. As you know, Nip was a Crip.

OAN: the trial of Sh!tty Cuz is coming up. Can you believe, It has been three years since King Nip was murdered in cold blood? Click here for the link to read up on the latest with The Slauson Boy.

Our community has some serious work to do.


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