A Big Man Apologizes To Drake

Consequence has something to say to Drake and his crew.


It takes a big man to apologize. Consequence has apologized to Drake over his role in the Kanye West beef with the Canadian rapper.

Consequence shared an Instagram post and it included an old text between 40, drakes producer, and it was basically an apology.


Now this is an interesting time. Consequence has an album coming out in in 2022 featuring a bunch of folks AND we are growing up. We are maturing. All the while, some of us are becoming less mature. At any rate, the gesture was made public and it’s cool.

I don’t really know what else to say about it!

So…Let’s take a trip down memory lane, just a few years ago. In 2018, the relationship between Kanye West and Drake turns sour. Pusha T released “that song,” which revealed that Drake had a kid. And other scathing stuff. And then Drake fired back with his own response. We’re not gonna mention the songs because they are irrelevant now! (SIKE – hit those links!)

Last year, Drake and Kanye got back together and everything was cool, even though we believe J.Prince was the catalyst that twisted their arm. Anyway, Consequence has inserted himself into the peaceful equation and that is all good. He did play a role though. He was the one that beefed with Drake on Kanye’s behalf.

You know, it’s a slow news day, but this is important. Let peace prevail.

Illseed out!

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