A Crazed Beyoncé Fan Is Threatening Jay Z?


Photo by Kevin Mazur Getty Images

Allegedly a crazed Beyoncé fan has been threatening Jay-Z and Roc Nation! The obsessed fan, a woman, allegedly sent threatening letters and emails to Jay Z and his company because she hates him and wants Beyoncé to split up with him.

A source told Bossip:

The messages say that the fan will kill Jay-Z if he doesn’t leave Beyoncé. The source says the letters and emails have unnerved Roc Nation staff, but Jay-Z told them to ignore the threats. But when the fan made an amateur attempt to hack Jay-Z’s Twitter account, his staff were able to obtain the fan’s twitter handle and email address, which they handed over to private investigators. “Even though Jay is brushing it off, everyone is worried,” the source said, “since there have been cases of people shooting people and then committing suicide right after.” Nearly all of the fan’s tweets critique Beyoncé’s life and choices, try to find out where she is and generally hate on Jay-Z. The person only posts Beyoncé pics and uses a snap of Beyoncé as her profile picture.