A Rapper Named “Notorious Big1” Says His Name And Song Was Stolen – And He’s MAD

Notorious B.I.G.

The rap game is a cold. wild world. A rapper named The Notorious Bigg One is upset that he was allegedly ripped off.

The game is dirty. They are going hard at Puffy, and Biggie too by default. How real is this? I cannot do all this writing so I am going to cut and past something from the internet. Yes, lazy. it is also late. I am also tired. But, here is the situation in a nutshell. There was a rapper with the name Notorious Big1 and he had a reported song called “Big Daddy” that did zero damage. He was from Mississippi. This is a real song that used the same sample as “Juicy,” which was derived from the hit song “Juicy Fruit” by Mtume (RIP). Decades after the tragic end of Christopher Wallace, this song is making the rounds and the rapper is talking. Basically, the accusations are…he was ripped off.

So peep what I read online:

He went from Biggie Smalls to Big E. Smalls due to a lawsuit by Calvin Lockhart in 1992 then became Notorious BIG in 1993, the year Notorious B1 from Mississippi dropped his first and last single. B.I.G needed a name and a hit single and Puffy found both in Mississippi. Notice on the song in question, Biggie says “From the Mississippi down to the east coast”. Also notice B1 named his song Big Daddy…..Biggie named his alter ego Big Poppa. I know some of you can have s### under your noses and not smell it but that’s not going to change the fact that this is no coincidence, one similarity is one thing but several along with mentioning the mans State in the song in question is a bullseye. Biggie used Jeru The Damager flow pattern in the song he dissed him in while allowing Jeru’s good friend and producer Dj Premier produced and engineered the song unbeknownst to him until he heard a particular bar then Biggie finally told him. If you know hip hop you know the song/flow and story and would also know Biggie kept using that flow in other songs. In closing, Biggie only needed a name and a hit which he got from B1 and that was a normal practice and still is….Big is an amazing MC and this takes nothing away from that, he’s great without Juicy. But puffy stole an idea/names that came from B1 because he was desperate to win and it worked

Notorious B1 allegedly said:

“In 1993 i was signed to a small record label called Dragon Records in Gulfport Mississippi. I had a song that i wrote to Mtume called Juicy Fruit. I wrote the song to the actual record and it was called Big Daddy. Big Daddy was the lead single off the Mississippi Dough Boyz Album that was released in september 1993. It was released on the same day as Snoop Dog’s first album Doggystyle. The dough boyz album was made by two Gulfport rappers Tilidie and myself The Notorious Bigg One. (Notorious B1). Yeah I had the name and song first. I know it might be hard to believe but it is 100% the truth. We was on the radio first and in in the stores first. We sent packages to all the major Labels shopping for distribution. Just image my surprise when people started calling me saying they’ve just seen my video. We was trying to get the truth out back then but after B.i.g’s death i decided to leave it alone out of respect. I’m not fat anymore and a lot has changed but before i leave this b#### I want everybody to know the truth. I was the original Notorious Bigg One. #2Grams”


I wonder why we are bringing this up now? Dude seems very p#####.

Anyway, I am not mad at that. By the way, Pete Rock says he was the one that Brough “Juicy” to the Bad Boy camp. Maybe that’s why he was so upset when Diddy called Bobby Brown the “chocolate boy wonder” at the BET Awards.

Anyway, if you are thinking The Notorious Bigg One is a lie…think again. Here’s his product from authenticated sources.