Adrien Broner Sent To Jail To Sober Up!

AB had way too much fun Friday night.

Boxing champ Adrien Broner was arrested in Miami Beach on Friday night for a DUI.

TMZ reports that Broner was stopped by local police around 8:45 Miami time. They believed Broner was under the influence and arrested him. His bond was set for $1000 and he was put on an eight hour hold – I’m assuming to sober up. 

AB isn’t unfamiliar to the legal system and has been sued many times and accused of a pleather of other things.

Broner has since been released and went straight to Instagram claiming he isn’t scared to go back. Sheesh!

He must be used to this life, because just last month he was arrested and released and ready to hit the Vegas clubs.

Hopefully he turns his life around soon. Jail isn’t cool AB!