Who Destroyed Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson Performance At The AMA’s?”

Chris Brown

It looks like someone has taken responsibility for canceling Chris Brown’s performance at the AMA’s, causing a minor controversy.

Chris Brown has been receiving Michael Jackson comparisons almost from the inception of his career. His scheduled tribute performance at the 2022 American Music Awards was arguably the show’s main attraction. Then suddenly it was canceled

Fans were outraged as Breezy shared rehearsal footage on Instagram from what could’ve been an incredible show.

Days after the awards have concluded we now have some idea as to why the performance was axed.

According to reports, Puck. News founder Matthew Belloni says when he learned of Breezy’s anticipated show, he immediately contacted higher-ups at ABC and their parent company Disney. He expressed concern saying, “the prospect of a convicted domestic abuser feting an alleged child molester on a Disney network.” Furthermore, reports say following the call, producers were instructed to scrap the tribute entirely.

Contrary to his half-hearted opinion Michael Jackson was never convicted of any crimes. He was acquitted of all charges on June 13, 2005. Not to mention ABC profited greatly from near-exclusive news coverage of his widely publicized trial.

Chris Brown has paid his debt to society for the crime he committed. At what point will he be genuinely forgiven?

Ultimately he was given an ultimatum, perform without the Michael Jackson tribute or not all. Judging by the effort displayed in his rehearsal, to do anything less than what he practiced would be disrespectful.

Ciara took to Instagram on November 21 to share her rehearsal footage for the axed performance. In her caption, she thanked the King of Pop for being an inspiring all while calling Breezy a rare breed of this generation.

Despite winning the award for Favorite Male R&B Artist, Chris didn’t attend the show. Kelly Rowland presented the award and once she revealed he won, she directed the audience to chill out. All things considered, Disney robbed the culture of an epic show.