Alicia Keys Gushes Over Quasi Janet Jackson Crush?

Alicia Keys

“That’s the way love goes…”

Recently, the youngest Jackson prodigy — Janet — is reemerging on center stage. Undoubtedly, her iconic documentary is bringing up a beaucoup of information. Therefore, interesting tidbits are constantly resurfacing. So now, Alicia Keys is gushing over a quasi-crush from the Pop superstar.

Back in 2008, a straightforward Janet Jackson answers a risqué question. The invented inquiry comes from E! Online. Accordingly, the publication prods and the Pop princess willingly responds. In short, the KEYS crooner pops up.

Of course, the inquest involves a provocative proposition. After pitching a “lesbian” love-affair, Ms. Jackson, honestly responds to the gossip rag’s question. Consequently, she contends, “I think I would pick Alicia Keys.”

Furthermore, Janet explains why she chooses the Grammy decorated musician. Simplicity surrounds her emphatic reply. “I think she’s wonderful.” Soon, the “Show Me Love” singer reacts to the affection.

Thus, the self-assured Superwoman takes to social media. There, she matter-of-factly mentions, “I always knew I was BAE.” Next, the Instagram caption boasts, “But when @janetjackson says it 💥💥💥💥.” Certainly, the four exploding emojis emphasize her insight.

Finally, the Instagram interaction culminates with a friendly suggestion, “Make sure you watch OUR Sis, THE ICON’s Doc 💯💯💯💯💯.”Overall, between the Virtuoso and the Musical Icon there is an immense amount of respect.

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