Did Amber Rose Ban DJ From Playing Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West Music?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Case of the ex!

Sometimes when you’ve moved on, or when your relationships with your exes are rocky you don’t want to see or hear anything that reminds you of them! So when your exes are artists you definitely don’t want to hear their music when you are out partying. Apparently this is what happened with Amber Rose over the weekend.

Amber was hosting a gig at Ora Night and partying it up with her “bro” French Montana down in Miami.

According to Page Six, Rose requested to not hear any of either one of her her exes music during her gig.

“Rose was specific in asking for no Kanye, and definitely no Wiz songs. She wanted the night to be about herself and she succeeded,” claimed a spy.

As petty as Amber can be sometimes, I actually don’t think she was being petty this time. I think she really just wanted to enjoy the night.

What are your thoughts?