Amber Rose Confirms Whether Or Not She’s Dating French Montana


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s actually kind of weird that folks think French Montana and Amber Rose are dating.

I mean in Hip Hop as well as Hollywood or Hollyweird depending on who you ask, if a person is spotted out with another person, people automatically assume they are dating.

French and Amber have always made it clear that they were cool, so I don’t know why it’s been all of this buzz now.

Folks really believe they are an item after some photos of them partying it up together in Miami surfaced.

Amber Rose took to Instagram to shut down the rumors as well as express how tired she was of being associated with rappers from photos.

“When ur friends genuinely love you because ur personality is amazing and ur heart is even more beautiful but the internet sexualizes every male friend you have ?,” said Amber.

Maybe Amber should’ve remained quiet because not many of her “fans” were buying her story on the gram. Most commented that they definitely believed French is smashing.

The funniest thing about Amber to me is the fact that every other day she is calling herself a s### and glamorizing hoeing and hoe behavior, but gets mad because people associate her with the slutty behavior.

For some reason I don’t buy their whole brother and sister relationship. LOL. It’s very much possible that thats’ all they are, but girls also use that often as a cover up. Carry on.

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