Amber Rose Isn’t The Only Woman In Wiz Khalifa’s Life!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose may not actually be officially back on…just yet.

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa certainly know how to keep us talking! The two not only showed up to Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy gala hand-in-hand over the weekend, they also shared a kiss for the paps!

They’ve had the most on and off again relationship ever, and it’s obvious that there is some love still there, but will they ever truly get back together? Who knows.

Even if Wiz is still tapping that azz in regards to his ex-wife, word on the curb is that Wiz has another woman named Izabel in his life also.

Iz posted a video of 2 Chainz on her snap, and Wiz was partying with 2 Chainz the night after he and Amber locked lips for some publicity.

Allegedly Wiz spent the evening with Izabel after the gala, and appparently he was at the house with her also before he hit the red carpet with Amber.

Iz is a model and make up artist, and apparently she’s one of several as Wiz is another rapper rumored to have a harem. She’s in one of his new music videos as well. What are your thoughts? Is she badder than Amber?

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