Antonio Brown Got Some Secret Beef With Logan Paul

Logan Paul made sure to come with the clap backs after Antonio Brown called for his fade.

It seems like NFL free agent Antonio Brown has some issues with youtuber, Logan Paul.

On Monday, Brown tweeted, “square up” to Paul who responded, “I’d drop you faster than the patriots.”

AB is having fun with this and is even retweeting bets online.

I know the football star has some new music that’s been released. So I’m unsure if he is doing all this to get more attention to his music. 

But Paul did say he wanted to “f*ck him up” on a podcast back in December. I guess this is AB’s way of responding to the threats. 

This could be a good way for the two to make some extra money, of course through a boxing match. They haven’t really had any positive PR lately so why not?

Would you be here for a boxing match between the two?