Are Body Cameras On Cops A More Sinister Plot?

Are Body Cams On Cops Bad?

Its may be time to throw out the notion of race as it relates to police. Why? That is not to say that the cops aren’t killing Black men like they are animals or ants. I am getting rumors that these moves they are making are strides to implement a mass database of recording people. Peep what was sent to me:

“People think that this is going to be a good thing, but It really only furthers a huge agenda. They are giving massive discounts on protective amour if you also body the cameras. The camera will will be filming and recording (audio) everything the cops see and do. Hell, if you are in your house or whatever, they can be watching and saving the footage. Anything. Do we want that? This is another arm of the Agenda that will not actually work in benefit of the people in the long range. Think about how took all our rights as Americans in the name of the War on Terrorism.”

Did cameras help Eric Garner?