Are Dame Dash & Rachel Roy Having Child Custody Issues?


Photo via Dame’s Instagram

Apparently things aren’t going well with Damon Dash and ex-wife Rachel Roy in the co-parenting department. Dame says that he believes Roy’s lawyer is advising her to keep him from seeing their kids. Dash doesn’t plan to let them make him out to be a bad father, and has threatened to tell it all.

Dame Dash posted a pic of Rachel on his Instagram with the caption:

“If anybody speaks to Rachel_roy can you ask her why she is keeping my daughters away from me i know such a classy woman would never do something as distasteful as that unless advised by a low life scum bag lawyer like donell Suarez Rachel please don’t get caught up in this dude trying to separate me from my family so he can get paid but if I have to this will be a public fight and I’m going to tell the truth and you guys will not be making me look like a bad father so yall can get more money…I’m sick of these games…Barry Rutcofsky is another scum bag lawyer I’m gonna make famous for f*cking wit my family”

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We hope they work it out for the sake of the kids.