Are Drake’s Hoes Mad At “AubRhi” Ish With Rihanna?


Drake and Rihanna are a full “thing” now, as if you didn’t already know. Anyway, they are going all the way in, really fast, and I say good for them. They deserved to have yet-another high profile, here-today-gone-tomorrow Hollywood romance, right? Nevertheless, Drake has apparently run through a lot of chicken coops in his day. Rihanna ain’t a slouch either. But, social media has it set up so that anybody can say anything, especially under comments of loving images. That’s seemingly exactly what a chick did under a seemingly doting picture of Rihanna and Drizzy aka AUBRHI.

Drake gay? NAHHHHHHH…I don’t think so, B. Not that I am in the brother’s bedroom or have “gaydar.” This just looks like a troll to me.
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