Are Fans Begging 50 Cent’s Son Not To Take The MMG Internship?


Photo via 50 Cent’s Instagram

All weekend fans have been watching the InstaBeef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent. 50 won’t stop trolling and Rozay won’t stop responding. It seems like things really took a turn when Ross brought 50’s son into the beef saying,

“@50Cent your son applied to be a intern at @untouchablemmg and it will be processed as you well know I go t40 cars/200 acres and a mower w/ his name on it. #ImWhatYouUsedToBe.”

When news broke that 50’s son Marquise was allegedly trying to intern with Ross, fans begged him not to take the “internship.” Most fans told him that he is just being used, and he is better than that. A lot of fans told him to be loyal to his father despite the fact that they haven’t had the best relationship in the last few yeas. Ross’ comment was disrespectful also. We wonder how this will end up. Do you think Marquise will end up MMG? LOL.

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