Hip-Hop Rumors: Are Ferguson Police Shooting Each Other?


Are the police shooting their own to justify more force and munitions down there in Ferguson? So, according to reports, a pair of cops have been shot in Ferguson in the last couple of weeks. Now, we know that protesters have been largely peaceful down there with the “hands up, don’t shoot” campaign. BUT, they also had to watch the cops allow somebody to burn a memorial for Mike Brown. Why would they do something like that for a slain youth? And then there was the assertion that the police have been needlessly trying to harass youth down there. Its still very hot! That said, I don’t know fully if this is true, which is why it is a rumor. But here is the food for thought, as told to me. The cops in the 70’s used to set up the Black Panthers in similar ways. They would shoot a rookie or another cop and blame it on groups that were causing “trouble.” They do it to drum up sympathy for their plight when they are losing, as they are with the Mike Brown case. That boy was murdered in cold blood and everybody knows it. These are off duty cops…cops are the only ones that really knows that BS. The cops need to be re-charged and need to shift the Mike Brown narrative. The details of the case are very vague and sketchy. Also, the cops names have not been released last time I checked. I don’t put anything past anybody. This is revolution in progress and I think they will do anything to stop it.


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