Are Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri Getting Back Together?

Jermaine Dupri Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson and JD sure are cool that the rumors of a romantic reunion are running rampant!

By L-Dogg

Janet Jackson‘s documentary that aired on A&E networks left viewers wondering, are JD and Janet back together?

The 4-hour, 2-part documentary wrapped last night and had fans going crazy on social media! The series really reestablished the incredible star and power that Janet Jackson had…and has. She wasn’t showing off any dance moves or anything, but she looked great!

Jermaine Dupri was one of Ms. Jackson’s exes that was interviewed on her documentary. In fact, he was the only one they talked to in the present-day form. The others were all old interviews and footage. JD and Janet were both complimentary of each other, and they both agreed they felt like they were soul mates.

There also was a part where they listed JD as “Janet Jackson’s Fiancée” and didn’t say “former fiancée.” That struck me as odd. Why wouldn’t they regard him as an ex?

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Jermaine admitted he didn’t fight hard enough for his relationship with Janet and he admitted to cheating like a nut boul.

BUT…are they each other’s moth to a flame?

Will JD make room for Janet again? 

Will JD/JJ make a comeback in 2022, or is that the way love goes?

What are your thoughts AllHipHop community?

Never forget…these rumors started last year!

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