Are Lil Durk And India Getting Back Together?

Lil Durk India Royale

It looks like Durk and his former fiancee India are back together! The streets are on fire as they tease fans that they are once again ONE…

It hurt us all when Lil Durk and India Royale broke up, never to get back together again. I am happy to reveal, it looks as if they may be getting back together. They have teased on social media that they are, in fact, a couple again.

I am wondering if Durk is able to hold it down when these harlots are pulling up on him. Check this out!

We still do not have a firm confirmation, but it is looking good. We all know Durk stepped out on their union and that lead to the demise of the relationship. Durkio has been begging to get her back since! And she has been rejecting him since. But he loves her! And she clearly loves him. He just had to work really hard to get his boo back.

Somebody said the following and I think…it may be true.