Are Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Dating?

Meek And Nicki Are Really Close…Hmmm…

What the hell? This is crazy. Nicki is supposed to be dating meeeeeeeeee….

But, I have no money, never been to jail, from a smaller town and basically have no clout. So, there are new rumors that suggest that Nick and Meek are now any item. I pray its not due to this new song they have.

Source: Baller Alert


Many people are shocked to hear the news of Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj dating. What they may not know is that this union has been long in the works and involves lots of drama including Safaree cheating, Nicki’s new album and K. Michelle interfering. Random, I know, but what’s some good tea without the unexpected? There is a LOT going on so read the ENTIRE thing and be prepared to take in about a gallon of tea. 

At the beginning of the year,  Nicki and longtime boyfriend Safaree had been going through some issues, mainly having to do with Safaree constantly cheating. Nicki kicked Safaree out of their home and he had been sleeping couch to couch with friends hoping Nicki took him back. Guess who was a shoulder for Nicki to cry on during these hard times? That’s right, Meek Mill. Safaree heard about Meek and it was only a matter of time before a feud started. Safaree took several subliminal shots at Meek, one in the form of a video he dropped in January titled “All We Do Is Stunt V”. The premise of the video was Safaree  and his biker crew rolling up on a guy and robbing him. The car the guy is driving happens to be a car similar to one Meek owns. The use of the bikes is also telling, considering Meek is a biker himself. Many people would never put 2 and 2 together but those involved know who it was geared towards. On “All We Do Is Stunt VI” Safaree also talks about a girl having “million dollar pu**y” but coming from a messed up environment. The video itself is kind of pointless and was only made with the intent of Meek seeing it. I’m not sure if he ever did.

Now let’s fast forward to a few months later, in April. Between January and April, SB and Nicki had reportedly got back together and broke up yet again. It was highly publicized because SB and Nicki both posted it on Instagram. SB even posted on social media that he would be taking a hiatus from the internet — and he did. All the while, who was still there to console Nicki? Yep, Meek Mill. He also made a meme about it. Of course, yet again, no one caught it.

Oh, but it gets better. Again, Nicki and SB get back together. They’re good for a few months and yet again they break up. Now, let’s pause on Nicki and SB and talk about Meek Mill. Meek is working on his new album and he has a song titled “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart”. That name sound familiar? Well, it’s the name of K. Michelle’s album. You may recall K. Michelle and Meek were spending a lot of time together. K. Michelle was crushing on him, which she admitted herself on The Breakfast Club, and on her last visit to the station she said that Meek let her hear “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” and she liked it so much she used the song, figuring he wasn’t going to use it. She was right, Meek had no use for it, but here is where things get messy. Meek didn’t give K. Michelle the track. The two share the same A&R and the A&R gave K. Michelle the track. Sound familiar to the reason K. Michelle was mad at Elle Varner? It should, because it’s the same thing. Let it also be noted that part of K. Michelle’s beef with Elle had to do with Meek Mill as well. We need a groupie tale on Meek, I have to know what he’s working with to have all these girls after him this way.

Anyway, Meek basically snatches the “AWBAH” track back and while in the studio listening to tracks with Nicki, Nicki says she likes it and he gives it to her instead. “Buy A Heart” featuring Meek Mill can be heard on Nicki’s new “The Pink Print” album as a bonus track. You know who won’t be found on The Pink Print? SB as Executive Producer. Nicki completely snatched his title away from him and he is nowhere to be found in the album credits. If you are a Nicki fan, you know he executive produced ALL of her albums. Let us also not forget Nicki’s single “Only” featuring Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown where they basically take shots at Safaree for 4 minutes and he pretends like he’s not hurt about it. He even promoted the song on Twitter and tweeted how he heard Lil Wayne’s verse about him not “hitting it right” and how Drake still wanted to smash even though she had a man. 

So let’s review, Meek Mill has been consoling Nicki as she went through her roller coaster of a relationship with Safaree. Meek Mill had a song K. Michelle liked, used, and then he kind of snatched it back and gave it to Nicki so she could use it as a bonus track on her album that drops Monday. Got it? Well, there’s more…

K. Michelle’s “Anybody Wanna Buy A heart” album dropped this pastTuesday. Do you know what else dropped? Nicki’s new song with Meek Mill titled “Big Daddy”. At this point K. Michelle took Nicki releasing the song as subliminal a shot towards her and ends up allegedly leaking to blogs that Meek and Nicki are an item. Messy Messy. K!

 So now the secret is out. Yes, Nicki and Meek are whatever they are and he even bought her a very expensive piece of jewelry for her birthday. As far as SB, he recently followed both K. Michelle and Iggy Azalea on Instagram but likely unfollowed when he realized Nicki didn’t really care.

I wonder if Nicki taking “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” inspired K. Michelle to write “Drake Would Love Me”…all one big mess!



UPDATE: Wanted to add a little something for clarity reasons. The bracelet above was purchased by Meek Mill from his jeweler Shyne Jewelers. Similar pieces can be found on Shyne Jeweler’s site. The whole Pauly D thing, I’m assuming he was joking, which is why we never posted about it. Also want to add to the tea that Nicki Minaj was Meek Mill’s only female visitor while he was incarcerated and remember back in 2011 when Safaree and Nicki got matching red Bentleys? Well, Nicki took Safaree’s back. Lastly, when K. Michelle heard Nicki Minaj leaked “Big Daddy” on the day her album dropped, K. retaliated by leaking her version of “Buy A Heart”. To listen to “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” featuring Meek Mill, CLICK HERE. The song does not appear on K Michelle’s album (as stated above.)