Are The NBA YoungBoy And Lil Durk Billboards Pushing Beef?

Lil Durk NBA YoungBoy

The war of words continues.

On the whole, it appears as though the war of words continues. So, are the NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk billboards pushing a burgeoning beef? Well, the respected artists are certainly making their beliefs known.

Thus far, social media has been circulating photos of the respective billboards. Earlier this week, on Tuesday (March 8), several people discuss how Durk may seemingly be sending a message to Top. As a matter of fact, these advertisements have been sighted in Baton Rouge.

Of course, Baton Rouge is the hometown of the Neighborhood Superstar. In addition, the message is clearly spelled out using cash. Previously, when YB was in Utah serving house arrest, he revived the trend of using currency to send out a message.

Next, it is certainly apparent that “Durk better,” is a definite spin on the Southern spitter’s popular motto. Also, last year, the BR wordsmith’s team used billboads to help promote, Sincerely, Kentrell. Be that as it may, Louisiana lyricist has more to say and he does not hesitate to hop into action.

Rather, than sending out wifi shots, Mr. Grim Reaper allegedly gets activated. Out of nowhere, an NBA YoungBoy billboard pops up in Chicago. Imagery from his recent mixtape, Colors, is on ardent display. Additionally, its message rings out, “YB VS EVERYBODY,” cannot be missed.

Above all, it is best that this perceived animosity remain in the creative realm.