Is Baby No. 3 For A$AP Rocky & Rihanna Fake News?


Rocky and RiRi’s three-peat pregnancy may actually be a back-to-back.

If your timeline is set up like any of the combined 260 million followers Rihanna has garnered between Instagram and Twitter alone, you probably heard the news today.

Said news is the alleged bombshell concerning the confirmation of RiRi’s third pregnancy with hubby A$AP Rocky. Well, really, the news scoop lies in the lack of confirmation of the announcement. Based on the news cycle, it appears a number of outlets began breaking the purported news of RiRi and Rocky’s third baby as early as November 11 due to the circulation of a viral video suspected to be a deep fake.

Even though the deep fake video is pretty crazy as far as how well RiRi’s likeness is duplicated, a simple Google search can easily debunk the rumor as such. In August, the Barbadian singer and entrepreneur told People that she let her family was “complete” after having baby No. 2 with Rocky.

But like I said, the video is wild for sure! Check it out below.


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