August Alsina Calls Out Def Jam!


August Alsina joins the list of artists claiming their record labels are holding their careers back. B.O.B, Waka Flocka, Chris Brown, and others have recently made similar accusations and complaints. August Alsina tweeted,

“F*ckkkkk you Def Jam… can’t win for f*ckin losing dawg. I didn’t do this. My sh*tty a** label did it. They’re just f*cking sh*tty.”

August is upset with Def Jam for leaking his sophomore album, This Thing Called Life, a day early on August’s Vevo channel. August wasn’t with it at all. Def Jam was blasted recently by 50 Cent for having Jeremih’s album priced “too high.” Def Jam is having an interesting week!

Def Jam