Azealia Banks Blacks Out On Drake & Birdman


Drake has caused a furor in Azealia Banks! She ranted towards Birdman and the Candian on social media with her own ether.

Azealia Banks responded to Drake and Birdman’s comments about Joe Budden, even though she was not actually involved.

The new Drake album, For All The Dogs, was released to the world. The album features 23 songs and boasts collaborations with artists such as Lil Yachty, J. Cole, Bad Bunny, SZA, and more. It seems like there are mostly positive reviews, but Joe Budden – rapper-turned-podcaster – offered his opinion. He openly offered his two cents, suggesting that his Canadian arch-enemy’s style was more suited for a younger audience.

In response, Drake posted a lengthy comment and it was full of either. On top of that, Birdman shared his thoughts on the situation with a threat! This ain’t beef! This is veganism at its finest!

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So, what happens next?

Azealia Banks jumps in the fray!

She took issue with both Drake and Birdman’s responses and let them have it. She stated that Drake had cosmetic procedures like nose jobs and liposuction were NOT aligned with the Hip-Hop culture. “Does Drake know his nose job and liposuction is not hip hop? Does Drake know that no one who actually understands hip hop — a culture born from [the] oppressed, really [cares] about his soft-toothed, colonized, confused, mixed-race facsimile attempts to exhibit the true authenticity of an actual MC?” she asked. “Does Drake know his desperate attempts to gangsterize Canadian ‘street life’ is an all-encompassing failure in and of itself?” She also called out Birdman for making threats online, which she deemed lowbrow and detrimental to the genre’s image.

She did not hold back!

Can u just make some more lug and quit threatening people online before you get arrested?

S### like that really makes the genre look trashy and low budget as hell… and sorry… you’ve kinda just made it so hot that if anything happens to joe Budden it’s certainly getting traced back to you and drake. LOL.

Loved ur verse on “constantly hating” but it has been a minute since anyone cared for your music, and drake is redundant as hell.

Only weird nepo babies and Eastern European immigrants who wear USS polo association, cool water and media f### boys actually care for him.

Work some magic and bring back young thug please.., that man is very very special.

Honestly, if drakes mother was black he’d probably not be so corny.

White mom syndrome is very real

– Ether Banks

This this out:

Earlier in the day, fans speculated that Drake took another swipe at Joe Budden in one of his captions, where he expressed gratitude for his life.

Joe’s manager rode for him and got a lot of attention too. I don’t think he remembers when Joe Budden was on AHH every day.