Azealia Banks Returns To Earth Claiming To Have Slept With Dave Chappell, Calls Out Nicki Minaj Over Doja Cat

Azealia Banks is big disappointed in Nicki Minaj and throws Dave Chappelle under the bus.

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(AllHipHop Rumors) Azealia Banks is back. I do not know what rock she was hiding under or what planet she descended from. But she is back. The one time hitmaker has managed to stir up the pot so much that it is overflowing. First of all she has declared that she slept with Dave Chapelle and goes into pornographic detail about the alleged affair. Now we know Azealia Banks is not the most trustworthy person but that is why this is now in the rumor section and not treated as actual news. In fact, I am not so sure that we would even care if she did not mention Chapelle‘s name.

On another note she goes in on Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. She says that they should be commenting on the Doja Cat situation where the singer allegedly a racist. By the way, Doja Cat has denied being an alt-right loving person of color. Anyway, this is where we are in the world and somehow Azealia Banks has managed to get back on our radar without a song to note. 

“Nicki,for all that f##king mouth you have for Cardi B for talking s### about Black women, and now you quiet because you got this little number one with this white b####. You a p#### ass b####. Now I’m looking back at it and you was just jealous of Cardi… you was just jealous because she’s got more swag than you,” said Banks.

 She didn’t stop there. She continued to berate Nick At Nite for allegedly working with Tekashi 69 after he turned snitch. 

“You’re working with Tekashi and Doja Cat and wack b###### like that like what? Trying to put fear in b###### hearts… I’m just very disappointed in you. All that s### you talk about female rap and female this and female that and look at you selling out. You selling out,” she said. WOW.

And of course, the jokes have come in.