Is Azealia Banks Selling Bleaching Kits For Babies?


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We all know that Azealia Banks is a bit touched (understatement?) and has been since the very beginning. Like Adam and Eve. But, she may have stepped way over the line. We know that the has vehemently defended her right to lighten her beautiful Black skin to something less beautiful. Well, my friends, she may just be going OD like somebody tripled the dose! The singer / rapper that the RZA don’t f**k with is allegedly selling Bleaching Kits To Lighten The Skin Of Babies! Take a look at this!

So I hit the link of the shop that sells all the products including this ridiculous bleaching crap. So, all the produces on the site seem legit so why would this be fake? Oh, trolling. Well, that is certainly always a possibility, because I don’t even think it is legal to put such dangerous chemicals on a baby’s body!

If she did, she is sicker than previously imagined.