B.G. Claps Back At Haters: “Ima Show Up Loud”

BG - B.G.

B.G. is back. But, he took some time out of his day to give the haters and supporters a piece of his mind.

B.G. saw your comments. There was a lot of talk about the Cash Money Bling Bling King showing some “feminine” characteristics since being out of prison. For the record, you never saw us or me comment on it because I thought it was silly. I also thought it was cruel.

Bruh did 14 years in prison. Most of us couldn’t do a month in prison Personally, I think he was just a fish out of water and probably still is. I do not know if he’s institutionalized, but I would not be shocked if he is. In fact, the iPhone just JUST came out as he was going in. To me, the cameras, freedom and renewed fame has been a bit much. Presently, he’s in a halfway house, but he’s certainly getting ready.

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Moving on, B.G. has sent a message for the haters. He’s waking up to the differences in how things are being done now. He said, in so many words, if you think its sweet over here…TRY ME!!

“Waaahhh!!! I kno y’all wondering where I’m at and what I’m doing,but I’m taking it 1 day at a time,” he wrote. “I’m working in silence and ima show up loud.. I’m greatful for alllll the love and motivated by the hate… Heart of The Streets 3 coming sooner than y’all think #rns

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