Are The Baby Keem Comparisons Sparked By Doja Cat’s “Demons” Single Unfair Or A Success?

Doja Cat

Is this Doja Keem or Baby Cat?

Doja Cat’s harrowing new single “Demons” has arrived, sparking an onslaught of conversations on social media—with the majority of them seemingly rooted in fan theories that the Planet Her vocalist stole sauce from Baby Keem.

The single appeared to be trending toward success, following the premiere of the cinematic music video—which captures Doja Cat in a number of fictitiously possessed roles, including a sleep paralysis demon who terrorizes actress Christina Ricci.

However, after garnering well over one million views in less than 15 hours, a situation similar to her album cover debacle seemingly arose and social media users took the opportunity to rake Doja Cat over the coals. For anyone catching up, Doja Cat actually reworked the album artwork for her upcoming Scarlet project after fans pointed out similarities between the cover she presented and the cover of an album released by the German band Chaver’s Of The Gloom.

But this time, instead of accusing her of copying artistic aesthetic, folks outright assert Doja Cat stole Baby Keem’s whole f##### flow, no Soulja Boy, no Draaaaaake. Like, remember when Drake fans jumped on Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar’s neck back in July when they released their collab “The Hillbillies” and said they stole Drizzy’s “Sticky” flow for the record? Yeah, that’s how they coming at Doja Cat right now.

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One X user wrote, “Who the F### wasted this Great Beat on Doja Cat, Baby Keem would’ve put up a Masterclass on this Beat,” while another one added, “New doja cat is just demonic baby keem and i like it im sorry.”

To keep it all the way one hundred, the majority of the critiques are highly negative and the result of opportunistic trolls seizing the moment. But on a more macro level, this is kind of exactly what Doja Cat wanted when she said she was a rapper and wanted to be taken seriously as one on her upcoming album back in May. Not to mention she’s being compared to one of the hottest rap artists in the game right now off of one singular release.

A win is a win, as they say. Check out the full video for “Demons” below and be the judge for yourself.