Bad & Boujee Groupie Puts Migos’ Quavo On Blast!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Issa groupie tale! I mean who doesn’t like a good groupie tale?!

Apparently a Migos groupie has come clean about a previous groupie encounter she had with Migos member Quavo. It seems like these rappers always pick the WRONG girls!

Apparently a Texas Southern University student had her eyes set on Quavo and was determined to make a rendezvous happen, and she did just that!

The woman stated that she met Quavo after Migos performed on campus. She said she strategically waited by the door that the group would be exiting out of for her chance to meet Quavo n dem.

The woman said Quavo ended up picking her up from campus and taking her back to their hotel, where Takeoff & Offset were.

The woman said she ended up getting high and paranoid, thinking that the crew may try to run a train on her, and she also didn’t want Quavo to think she was easy, and that he could run game on her.

Well he ended up running all of the game in the world on her because he ended up hitting it and dropping her off.

Welllllll a funny plot twist occurred. Check out what the woman told Baller Alert went down,

“He pulled my shorts & thong off. He was like hold on. He got out the bed & came back wit a condom. He unbutton his shirt and his belt. Then he slid his pants down. At this time I’m rethinking should I do this. He pulled his meat out thru the hole in his boxers & I’m like yep do it. He put that condom on and it was started. He knew just what to do too. When he was hitting from the back he was pulling my hair. Then I was riding it when offset and takeoff walked in. Quavo flipped us and threw the covers over us. Offset & takeoff laughing and was like ok ok we leaving and I hear the door open and close. We finished. I’m laying down falling asleep and quavo went took a shower. He wake me up when he got out and told me he was finna drop me off at home. While he was driving me home he asked was I hungry I said no. When we got to back on campus he told me text him as soon as I step in the door. Which I did. We stayed in contact. When he in Houston he hits my phone. When I heard he was talk to Chris Brown ex I asked him about it. He claimed it wasn’t like that. But when I asked was they f-ckin he asked what that had to do wit anything. So I told him if he f##### her put me on wit lucci and I guess that p##### him off and we don’t talk no more. Truth is I miss him tho,” said the woman.

The funniest part of it all is the girl boldly telling Quavo that if she is smashing Karrueche that he should be able to put her on Lucci. LMAO. Fair enough right?!

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