Bad Boy For Life? Has Black Rob’s Death Awakened A Reunion With Diddy?

Black Rob

What do you think about this insane turn of events with Black Rob?

Black Rob Rest In Peace.

Mark Curry, one of the former rappers in Bad Boy Records, gave a bit of an update in the aftermath of Black Rob‘s death. Black Rob, as you know, died yesterday after having numerous health complications. Ultimately, it was kidney failure that took his life, I am being told. Word on the street, is that it was compounded by drug use and homelessness. Now, all eyes are on Diddy. Let’s keep it a buck. There has been so much misfortune by former Bad Boy artists or is that it ain’t even funny. Not everyone, but a lot of people.

Now everybody’s mad at Diddy. Should they be mad at Diddy? I’m not sure. But there are enough breadcrumbs for people to be saying stuff. So, Mark Curry gets on Instagram or some other social platform and makes a few statements about Black Rob and also comments about Diddy. He says that Sean “Brother Love” Combs  is looking to make things right and he proclaims “Bad Boy For Life.” Bad Boys for life? OK.

And this is literally after – he says – 15 years of not speaking the the mogul. So a lot has happened in that 15 years, including Black Rob dying. So, what does this proclamation translates into? Seems like something positive. I think/hope that Diddy will have something for Mark Curry and others like him and that could be a job or something. Anything. I think that we need to have the broader conversation about healthcare, artists, insurance, mental health, substance abuse, and a few other things as well. Black Rob and DMX cannot just die and nothing change. Something has to change in the aftermath of these two tragic deaths so hopefully this is the start, but I am not really hopeful, because I think things will go back to change rather quickly.

What do you think?