Bang Em Smurf Addresses Irv Gotti’s Comments About 50 Cent’s Alleged Order Of Protection


(AllHipHop Rumors) Irv Gotti has stirred up a little bit of controversy surrounding the details of his old beef battles with 50 Cent during his recent press runs.

Irv Gotti talked about how he thought he was going to be able to clap back at 50 Cent back in the day by showing that the very person working at destroying Murder Inc, 50, actually allegedly had an order of protection out against the “Inc.”

Like Irv said, unfortunately is fell on deaf ears, and the world wanted to only be #Team50Cent back then.

Well Bang Em Smurf decided to clear the air by explaining to M. Reck what really went down with the order of protection.

“The Irv Gotti beef and 50 Cent. But I like I said I had spoke about that situation already. The order of protection did exist. The engineer got stabbed in his chest. He was the one that actually went through with the lawsuit. That’s why it was an order of protection because it was under 50 Cent’s session. 50 was not the one who brought the order of protection out on him; it was the engineer. He actually got paid from that. So he did sue Murder Inc. There was a lawsuit. They did have to cough out money, but it was for the engineer,” said Bang Em Smurf.

Basically Smurf said 50 Cent ain’t never been worried about Murder Inc. Well we don’t blame Irv for “trying” LOL. Carry on.

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