Jadakiss And Beanie Sigel Are Making Some Plans…While Remembering Their Battle

Beanie Sigel - State Property

Beanie Sigel has people talking and Jadakiss is in on it! What are they cooking up?

Jadakiss has the worlds going nuts! They recently did an interview with the Breakfast Club and it was great. So, let’s get a few things out of the way. Kiss refuted the idea that he ever wrote for Biggie or Cam’ron. Sites like Boxden had posted – post Verzuz – that Jada’s pen was even used with the actual GOAT – B.I.G. And it would have been more than ironic if he had wrote for Cam. Also, there is the idea that Kiss is an old school dude and would never reveal those old school secrets. Anyway, I do not think he did that. The interview is below:

Anyway, Beanie Sigel, the former Bully of Rocafella, posted the following and set the world on fire. It may not have been a big fire, but for some of us, it was.


Here’s some stuff to catch you up before I continue.

And here is a compilation somebody put together, not that it matters. Sigel always won that battle off of that freestyle alone IMO.

Beans and Jadakiss had a very tense rap beef that boiled over into the streets. As you know, Beanie was signed to Rocafella Records and Jadakiss and The Lox were signed to Ruff Ryderz. Anyway, the battle was so tense because these guys were two of the best at the time. And The Streets!

Also, we knew that Jay-Z and DMX were lying in the wings somewhere, for a potential mega fight. It definitely didn’t happen but it was borderline. Also there was a threat of actual violence happening is this rap battle starting to spiral out of control. Lucky for us, cooler heads prevailed and so did peace. They squashed the beef and it became just a legendary battle…that they smile about like old boxing rivals.

Now, all of these guys are touring together – Beanie Sigel and State Property, The Lox and Dipset. It almost seems as if Jadakiss and Beanie are trying to set up their own Verzuz battle, but I doubt it. It’s actually ridiculous. Jada has already taken out Fab and The Dips. Plus, Beans voice is messed up as a result of getting shot in the lung. Glad to see them all making a way in their older years.