Beanie Sigel And The Game’s Whole Phone Convo Leaks, Meek Won’t Like It!


Beanie and The Game had a real convo and Meek gets thrown under the bus again. The Game dominated the convo, but he seems to allude to him not really caring about Meek. “I don’t get a dollar from Shorty,” he said. “Personally, I don’t think he wants a n***a like me around. I’m gonna call Game, because I think me and him got a better rapport and I need to know for myself is this this music or we standing on that…”

So, it looks crazy for Beans. The Game really goes hard. “You got every right to do whatever you gonna do to Meek – that’s y’all beef. I could literally give to s####. I’m not making no paper with Meek…”


Nothing is sacred! Why would this leak? It had to be The Game or Beans!!