Beanie Sigel Says Tupac Wouldn’t Approve Of Today’s Mumble Rappers & Their Skinny Jeans


Beanie Sigel is NOT here for the new generation of cross dressing mumble rappers.

Sigel chopped it up with BET for a “Bully Alert” aka shots fired public service announcement.

Basically, Beanie Sigel claims that if Tupac was still alive, a lot of the bulls-t you see in Hip Hop today would not be going on.

Beanie Sigel has always payed homage to rappers like Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. for the mature content found in their raps, and the actual lyricism they showcased in their early 20s. According to Beans, he can’t really rock with these young rappers because they are in their early 20s as well, but the substance isn’t there.

“I know for a fact that we wouldn’t have grown men walking around with skinny jeans with their butt out. Dudes wouldn’t be wearing dresses. People wouldn’t be dying their hair purple, green orange and putting yaki and remy whatever you want to call it in it. The content of the music today wouldn’t be the same words repeated 50 times on a nice beat and a 808 drop. Men would be men. Women would be women. Ima leave it at that,” said Sigel

Does Beanie have a point? Would Tupac have been critical or open-minded and accepting? If Pac was still alive, we would hope these non-lyrical mumble rappers wouldn’t have made it through the gate.